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News And Announcements

HUGE Contest on The Patriot Group Jun 13, 2008

Huge The Patriot Group Purchase Contest Participating Sites: advertsr.us blueunicornworld.com cash-crusaders.com cashherder.com cashptc.com clickosaur.us clickpromotion.info coloradoptc.info deepintheheartoftexasptc.info dragonclix.com energyclicks.info fantasyptc.com flordiabids.info gangsterclicks.com getpaidptc.com honeylouclicks.com honeylouptc.com hotdogptc.info jillclicks.info leopardsclicks.info megaclicks.info millionaireptc.com paidclickworld.com paidhitworld.com paidmailworld.com patchesforless.com patriotclicks.info patriotclicks.net patriotptc.com presidentialptc.com ptc-house.com sincityptc.com sunnyclicks.net trainptc.com unicornptc.com Rewards: First Place Prize - 50 refs* + (1) Month Membership + 50 PTSU Second Place Prize - 40 refs* + (1) Month Membership + 40 PTSU Third Place Prize - 30 refs* + (1) Month Membership + 30 PTSU Forth Place Prize - 20 refs* + (1) 100000 Banners TPG network + 20 PTSU Fifth Place Prize - 10 refs* + (1) 90000 Banners TPG network + 10 PTSU Sixth Place Prize - 9 refs* + (1) 80000 Banners TPG network + 9 PTSU Seventh Place Prize - 8 refs* + (1) 70000 Banners TPG network + 8 PTSU Eighth Place Prize - 7 refs* + (1) 60000 Banners TPG network + 7 PTSU Nineth Place Prize - 5 refs* + (1) 50000 Banners TPG network + 5 PTSU Tenth Place Prize - 1 ref* + (1) 25000 Banners TPG network + 1 PTSU *All refs are last 2 weeks active

Need Your Help Jan 11, 2008

Hello I need your help to by a Starkey Destiny 200 hearing aid my current one is dead. Please buy advtering or member ships. Thanks Cindy

Sales and Moreales Aug 10, 2007

We are haveing a 30% off sale useing account funds, good till Sunday Midnight.
Withdrawal is 25 cents good until August 31, 2007.
Buy 3 of any ad package receive 4th package good until August 31, 2007

Random Winner shog888 Jul 26, 2007

A Special Thanks to shog888 for being my first random winner of an Orange Monster Special. May you enjoy your special and remember I reward or Activity.

Awards Jun 24, 2007

Member mkrpillai has signed up under 1 of my sites and has been awarded a HoneyLou Day Membership for is efforts on EasyHitsFor4u.com

New HoneyLou Member for 1 Year Jun 14, 2007

A Special Thanks - Lew14 for being my third HoneyLou For A Year Member. May you enjoy your membership.

Purchase With Account Funds: May 28, 2007

Purchase With Account Funds: Purchase Discount: 10% off your order.

Loose Change Sale May 18, 2007

Check out my new Sale for Link Credits. Buy $10.00 worth and I'll give you the 40 cent fee back plus whatever is in your account or a 1 Day Membership.

Got A Favorite Ad Package May 03, 2007

Contact me at theblueunicorn@yahoo.com
Subject: HoneyLouPTC Ad Match
Name of package you want and where its at
How many?
Want to create your own? Lets Deal!
Thanks Cindy Hancock HoneyLouPTC Admin

Blocked Ads List as of May 03, 2007


Cindy Hancock
HoneyLouPTC Admin

No New Ads Will Be Accepted for AdBux. Apr 24, 2007

Dear Members,
We are not accepting new ads for AdBux at the moment as it seems that AdBux is owned by the same person who previously owned scam site called NetBux. More info can be found from thread at Get Paid Forum.


I've had my share of non-paying sites and will not promote any knowingly.
You are my members and old enough to know how to spend your money. There are plenty of other sites that will allow adbux. I will not approve any AdBux ads for the Click Exchange. If you want to spend your money promoting this site after reading this email, that is fine but afer May 1, 2007, I will deleat any credits put on AdBux anywhere on any of my sites. I will not pay for folks to be scammed.
Cindy Hancock
The Blue Unicorn
WebMaster PaidHitWorld.com
WebMaster HoneyLouPTC.com
WebMaster PatriotClicks.net
WebMaster BlueUnicornWorld.com

Super Purchase Contest Apr 24, 2007

The Super Purchase Contest Will end June 28, 2007. Current Standings are as follows. tredh865 6.00 scetter87 2.90 paid2read 3.80 fwbbetsy 3.80 mrmadigan 2.80 chicochi3 1.40 christopher .65

Want to use Account Funds To Purchase ads or Memberships? Apr 13, 2007

Contact me at theblueunicorn@yahoo.com
Subject: HoneyLouPTC Account Funds
Name of package you want How many? Thanks Cindy Hancock HoneyLouPTC Admin

Make A Dollar To Be Used for Adv Only Apr 11, 2007

A special dollar has been given to several early bird clickers to advertise our sister site (PatriotClicks.net). This is an advertising dollar only. It is an English Test! The first time a member tries to cash out with the dollar they will lose the dollar. The second time they try cash out with the dollar they will lose all earnings. The Third time they try to cash out with the dollar they will their account and everything in it. Thanks for being a member of HoneyLouPTC.com Admin Cindy The Blue Unicorn

HoneyLou For A Day Membership Awarded to crazychic Apr 08, 2007

crazychic was caught advertising on
and has been awarded a HoneyLou For A Day Membership it pays to advertise HoneyLouPtc.com

Control of the WebSite Mar 23, 2007

I believe in control but not to the point that it stiffles good commen sense. I'm a memeber of site that shut down his links so that he can force mebers to use their creditd. I say if you buy are win credits at any of my sites its up to to use them. Why on earth would I force you to use them? If you don't log in within 45 days you could loose them but as far as I can tell that is the only restrictions I place. This site also wants your pappal addy before your even likely to cash out an for what. If you don't fill it you can't be paid. That is true enough. An man I'll tell you that I had such high hopes for this site. For whatever his reason is /www.adspacedepot.com will be taken off the asvertise list.

HoneyLou For A Day Membership Awarded to crazychic Mar 19, 2007

crazychic was caught advertising on
and has been awarded a HoneyLou For A Day Membership it pays to advertise on HoneyLouPtc.com

Super Buy Contest Update Mar 16, 2007

See http://paidhitworld.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1127

Management Mar 05, 2007

You can tell which web sites have little or no management. Your ad purchases are pending forever when you surf thee are non-english sites when there terms state that it must be in English. Frame breaker that don't give you credit because it broke the frame. At HoneyLouPTC we will monitor all ads for frame breaking and non-english. You may retract your credit on the first instance thereafter there will be no retractions. That means your credit will be lost forever more. Don't let it happen to you. We need good advertisers and we will help you if you don't understand. Thanks HoneyLouPTC Management

Specal Links Mar 05, 2007

From time to time I will add special links from ten cents to $5.00. Of course these links will be limited first come first served.

Advertising Terms Mar 04, 2007

Hello Members, You received 50 X-credits that allow to post a web site in the exchange but the web site must comply with Terms that you agreed with when you signed up. Advertising Terms -- The website must not contain pornographic, racist, discriminating, vulgar, illegal, or other adult materials of any kind. -- The website must not contain any frame breakers. -- The website must be english. -- The website must not contain or promote any viruses -- The website must not contain ANY prompts such as download dialogs or confirmation alerts. -- The website must not exceed the one popup/popunder limit -- The website's single popup/popunder must not open any new windows. -- The website's single popup/popunder must not break any of the above terms. Thanks HoneyLouPTC Admin

BlackListed Sites Feb 28, 2007

Well all webmasters are human at least I think so. All webmasters make mistakes from time to time but when you delete someone's money in anyones account because of a mistake you made then that sets you apart. All webmasters worry about and try to stop cheaters. But when a webmaster cheats it is so Low. This will be an ongoing list of sites that do that very thing. There advertising is banned on any of my web sites. http://www.cowboyhits.com/index.php Thanks Cindy HoneyLouPTC WebMaster

Advertising Costs Feb 26, 2007

Hello Members all transactions have a .40 fee to help defray PayPal/E-Gold costs. costs. This amount will be added to all orders. Thanks HoneyLouPTC Admin

Site News Feb 18, 2007

Bare with us as our sites dns becomes fully resolved. That is why sometimes you have to refresh many times sometimes to get the site to function properly. Just Hang In There. We will be Here for the long haul. Thanks Admin

Cheat Notice Feb 13, 2007

Due to the nature of the real world we may have to ad cheat links and English tests occasionally. You are going to have a great time and make some money. You will not get rich quick but then most of us never do. Thanks Cindy Hancock The Blue Unicorn WebMaster PaidHitWorld.com WebMaster HoneyLouPTC.com WebMaster BlueUnicornWorld.com Co-WebMaster PatriotPTC.com

Super Buy Cash contest Feb 13, 2007

We have also launched a Buy Contest for all 5 sites, Cash-Crusaders.com, PaidHitWorld.com, PatriotPTC, BlueUnicornWorld.com and of course HoneyLouPTC. Prize starts out as a $1.00 pot. Additional pot will be 10% of spend amount. Prizes awarded on the June 28, 2007. First Place is 50%, 2nd place is 30% and 3rd place 20% of the spend pot.

Grand Opening Special Report Feb 11, 2007

HoneyLouPTC Just launched! Check out our Grand Opening Specials.
The site is very new but with an experienced WebMaster at the helm we will be number one. Reporting any problems, bugs will be rewarded with free advertising. Thanks Cindy Hancock The Blue Unicorn WebMaster PaidHitWorld.com WebMaster HoneyLouPTC.com WebMaster BlueUnicornWorld.com Co-WebMaster PatriotPTC.com

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